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omg i havent been here in like months

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You don’t need them around me. Take off your armor, they are so heavy.

We Are Good by timeshaker (via snowwflakess)

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Better than Reality: "we are good"; "很好"


Title: “we are good”; “很好”
Author: timeshaker
Pairing: krisyeol; kailu
Length: 40500w
Rating: NC-17
[My own crappy] Summary: The 3-year journey of Krisyeol and the challenges they face along the way

Note: I feel like my emotions just went through a blender and that i just about…

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I haven’t been on this account in forever omf

Theres only 294 of you following me wAHT

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when the fanfiction you’re reading is so overwhelmingly good that you just have to switch tabs for a moment to collect yourself

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“are you on your period”

why yes, i am bleeding today

would you like to join me

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